Thursday, April 11, 2013

Standstill Voyage-Of-Discovery On-The-Spot

Compressed portable foldout bijou continent. 

Cause, origins, source, genesis? 

Lightweight floating ballast elephant’s graveyard, stowaway mutineers, born & bred thrown overboard, lost, buried, all-at-sea. 

Lifesaver deathtrap coastguard decoy awaits. 

Namely, driftwood attractive magnetic adhesive glue absorbent sponge. Target, luring many times over much more of the very same, to join what’s already there, as extra contributory additions. Contraband freight cargo, washed ashore, crashlanding, high & dry, stranded. 

Upon delivery and arrival, anchor cast, mooring found, roots lain, foundations planted. There follows widespread growth, breeding, multiplication and takeover. Alpine rockery and topiary bonsai jungle mutually fuel and reinforce each other. 

Assembly-kit form self-build scheme enacts instruction-manual. Unused offcast spare-ribs basket-woven into ramshackle and makeshift clinker-built shipwreck liferaft chalet settlement. 

Log-cabin flameproof bonfire. Spun cable links everywhere together. Constant tightrope catwalk suspension-bridge. Stepladder staircase. 

Implant armature. Exo-skeleton scaffolding. Dry-stone wall. Stepping-stones. Balancing-act. 

Somehow or other, belonging and function simply happens, where and how ever they were always destined to end up, as much component units alone by themselves, as members of vast complex mass. Any single spare-part moved away or taken out forces all the rest to collapse, domino-topple and chain-react. Shifting just 1 fixture shall pull and knock the others out of place; the entire lot, dislodged and fallen apart.

Mortis, hinge multiple-jointed marionette puppet doll population become the outpatient and resident inmate menagerie and crew that nest and blossom on and around tree-house and roof-garden built-up afforestation and overgrown settlement. Penthouse suites face the view of all below them, underneath as well, then far beyond from there. 

Window-box convoy pack armada herd squadron swarm parade flock team shoal regimentally patrols along carnival-float balcony veranda terrace. 

©, Copyright, Douglas Park
Douglas Park's text for: Melissa Moore - 'Land Ends', 
a monograph of the photographer's latest series due to be published by Skira in May 2013

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